Diet Meal Plans With Zero Calorie Foods

Want to lose weight with a clean eating diet of zero calorie foods! I hear ya – “What thhheee”

So what makes these so called foods ‘zero calorie foods’?

Firstly, these fruits and veggies contain plenty of good nutrients such as vitamins, as well as antioxidants – which are great for your overall health.

Secondly, the idea behind the “zero calorie foods” is, it helps boost the body’s metabolism to burn calories to produce heat and also. burn more than the actual calories contained in the food itself.

This affect on the body is called ‘thermogenesis’, as it raises both your body’s matabolic and fat burning rate, which in turn heats up the body – hence zero calorie foods comes into play!

This is wonderful. Right?

So it only makes sense that you should add these super zero calorie foods plus a selection of protein, complex carbs and healthy fat into your clean eating diet meal plans at every opportunity as you will burn more calories and keep you full longer!

Without wasting time, let’s get cracking on a clean eating diet below.

From mangoes, apple, apricot, aubergine, carrot, cauliflower, and other fantastic zero calorie foods you can consume now to get all the healthy nutrients for your body! These simple but healthy ingredients can be easily bought from a grocer or a supermarket. So there’s no excuse to buy all your foods fresh and cook in more for much needed nutritional meals to fuel your body.

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