Healthy Recipes – 5 Easy Steps to Cooking a Yummy Nutritional Meal

If you’re trying to improve your diet, you’ll often find it’s easier to focus on the things you want to remove from your current eating habits rather than trying to add things.

And the best way to make that successful is to focus on just the smallest things that will cause the smallest change to your feeling of fullness and energy throughout the day.

Here are some very easy ways to cut calories and reduce the amount of junk in your diet!

Get Rid of Soda Drinks

One of the very best things that anyone can do for their diet is to remove soda drinks from their diet. That means no more Coca-Cola and no more 7-Up. Why? Because these drinks are absolutely packed with simple sugars while offering nothing healthy in return. They’ll make you feel hungry and they’ll add lots of calories while contributing to lipogenesis (fat storage).

Choose the Right Coffee

What’s just as bad or arguably even worse is when you stop by Starbucks on the way into work and grab yourself a large Americano. There’s nothing wrong with the coffee – rather it’s the large amounts of cream, full-fat milk and chocolate sprinkles that get added. Simply switch that morning beverage for an Americano or a black coffee/sea and you’ll instantly save yourself the damage – cutting your diet by 100-200 calories immediately.

Before you get onto the step by step guide to a healthy recipe. Below are 2 simple but healthy meals that yo can get cracking with and load your body with great nutrients!

1. Barbecue chicken couscous

A simple healthy recipe consisting of skinless barbecued chicken, couscous, lemon with varied veggies. This simple healthy recipe which is free of any dairy, diabetes friendly, low calorie, low in fat, high in protein, low in sodium!

Get a 300 gram barbecued chicken, remove the skin and shred meat from the chook. Prepare the couscous. Start fluffing the couscous using a fork, and add chopped parsley, lemon juice with lemon zest. If you enjoy a bit of zing to tour flavor, why not add some dried chilli flakes. As well, add four cups of salad vegetables, like carrot, red capsicum or even cheery tomatoes. Lastly, add skinless barbecue chicken!

2. Sashimi and salad

This is a really simple healthy meal which is loaded with great protein, very low in sodium and dairy free!

Get 500 grams of fresh salmon (thinly sliced), and tuna fillets. Arrange the fresh tuna and fresh salmon on plates. Then serve the dish with brown rice, baby spinach (4 cups), 1/4 cup of sesame oil, one lemon juice with sunflower seeds (2 tablespoons). As well, serve with soy sauce, wasaboi and pickled ginger

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The healthy recipe guide below will run through the simple steps in preparing a healthy recipe for meals using a selection of protein, good bards, fiber and yes … healthy fat. Then the following steps include choosing relevant portion sizes of each food group, sprinkled with tasty garnishes to cooking the meal.

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So get cracking, think about the meals you want to enjoy, choose your ingredients, buy fresh, cook your healthy meals (or in bulk) every time and enjoy. you can even try the 2 healthy recipes above too. Stick to it and you will see great weight loss results!

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